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Independence Day party arrives 51 days late

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It's a good-old fashioned celebration in Richmond Saturday as the town observed the July 4th holiday 51 days late.

Organizer Ken Nussbaum said, "Fourth of July in August, what are you crazy?... Well maybe we are but we're going to have fun."

He and other organizers originally scheduled the parade for the fourth, but Mother Nature had other ideas.

 "Well we were washed out on the fourth, the river was coming up, and for safety concerns we had to evacuate the park after we had just set up everything," said Nussbaum.

Jericho's Anna Betz and her sister Katie remember getting the bad news on Independence Day.

"Well we met this man and at first we thought he was just joking, but then we found it was true," said Anna Betz.

Organizers wanted to make sure they, and everyone else, got a second chance to celebrate.

"We wanted to do it, it's a great celebration for the town, it's a great celebration for the area and it's great to celebrate the country's independence," Nussbaum said.

From a historians perspective - a late parade can make sense.

Many of those who signed the Declaration of Independence did so after July Fourth 1776.

The ink dried on most of the signatures by August second, but some believe the last wasn't penned until November of that year.

The word of the delayed parade spread through town, and families from Richmond and neighboring areas lined the streets to take in the sights and sounds and even sweets.

Anna Betz explains what she likes about the parade, "The candy."

While kids kept their eyes on the delicious prizes, organizers spent the week watching the weather forecasts.

"We were keeping an eye on what Dan had to say and we got lucky today," said Nussbaum.

"I like going on the fourth of July," said Anna Betz.

Spectators say they're glad the town pulled-off its delayed parade, but hope next year's celebration lands on the normal, and historical day.

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