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Beneficial nematodes

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When you see all these areas being dug up on the lawn you may have a problem. It that can happen fairly quickly. One day you've got a great looking lawn and then all of a sudden you go out and it's like "oh my gosh, whose been here!"

It's probably skunks and they're probably after the grubs that are in your lawn.

Grubs are the result of Japanese beetles and rose chafers laying eggs in your lawn and now these eggs have hatched into those little "C" shaped grubs that are eating the lawn grass roots. Eventually they'll tunnel down deeper into the soil and spend the winter there, tunnel back up in the spring, hatch out again and turn into those adult beetles. The ones you love like Japanese beetles!

The solution is to spray nematodes on the lawn area. Nematodes are microscopic little organisms that go on a seek and destroy mission. Using water channels, they go down and parasitize the grubs. You can buy these nematodes in little balls. They come in little packets inside and you put them in a hose end sprayer. This is really nice because it doesn't have a filter, so you can mix them into the sprayer, fill it up with water, mix it up and then attach the sprayer to your hose. You can spray 25 million nematodes all over your lawn.

This packet will cover about 3,000 square feet, so you have to figure out how much that is to know how much time you have to spray. One way to do that is to fill the sprayer with water and time how long it takes to empty it.

The nematodes are a great way to control the grubs now, and then if you do it again next June, you'll have double control so you don't have adults next summer.

By Charlie Nardozzi

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