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Campus clown gets a big break

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Champlain College junior Jack Carpenter and his friends can't go a day without laughing - but he's more than your typical class-clown. "He's one of the first people I met at Champlain and I'll always remember him because he's just so unique and different from everyone else. He always comes up with the craziest ideas and somehow just rolls with them," said one of Carpenter's friends, Michaela Herrmann.

According to Carpenter's friends, he's almost indescribable. "You know he's jolly two minutes into knowing him and he doesn't seem that brave but to say some of the stuff he does, people wonder 'what did he just say?' but he pulls it off and he makes people laugh," explained Ben Blask, a friend of Carpenter.

Carpenter is a broadcast major with hopes of hosting his own late night show one day. He got a taste of that dream in August -- when he appeared on Jimmy Fallon. "I was going against this actual rapper that's done shows before and I'm like this white kid wearing a Hawaiian shirt out there," Carpenter said. Carpenter attended one of Fallon's shows over the summer with friends. One of Fallon's producers pulled him from the audience, and gave Carpenter one hour to write an instant rap called 'Froggy-Style' and perform it live.

"I felt so comfortable I was shaking and nervous watching it at midnight but when I was out there I could have done cartwheels and talked forever," said Carpenter. For now Carpenter and his friends will stick to making viral parodies and generating laughs on campus and online. Carpenter says he's launching his own late night show called Lake Night with Jack Carpenter which will air on Burlington's RETN. It's expected to premiere within the next couple of weeks.

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