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Destination Recreation: Apple-Picking

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ESSEX, Vt. -

A bite into an apple is the sweet sound of fall in Vermont -- and a perk of the job for James Bove. He has been managing Chapin Orchards in Essex for more than a decade now. He says, the local food movement is one reason people come out here.

"It's also a place to enjoy, it's as much about the experience as getting apple to take home," he says.

Twist and pull -- Hallie Coots has perfected her apple picking skills. Hallie is picking apples with her mom and some family friends.

And mother Sioban Farley even brings the apple peeler with her, knowing Lauren likes hers without the skin!

When my mom heard I was coming to the orchard, she said to make sure and bring home apples for pie. So I'm here doing the work and she'll be baking later. Sounds like a sweet deal to me!

"We like to put them in pancakes, apple bread, apple pies, even just eating them like this is wonderful!" says Farley.

"It's a slice of heaven," says Philip Murdock.

Murdock has traded in his F-16 for a tractor. The former wing commander for the Air National Guard is out picking apples for a business that grew out of a love for this land. And, maybe a love for the sweet treats that come from it.

Reporter: "Are you an apple pie or apple crisp guy?"

Murdock: "I'm both! My wife makes a great apple crisp!"

As for James ....

"Both, as long as someone else is making them!" he says.

But out here, apples often don't even make it home.

Farmers say cool nights and sunny days are perfect, especially for the Macintosh apples.

That kind of weather helps the apples convert the starch to sugar, making them sweeter.

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