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Mystery man makes rock sculptures in Burlington

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There's plenty to see on the Waterfront in Burlington, but there's a new main attraction getting a lot of buzz.

"Guess it's from outer space," said Joe Redkob of New York. "It could've been from outer space, you never know."

It's no spaceship, but it's still a little unusual and not something you see every day.

"It was getting pretty dark and we look over and we see this guy just sort of running around on the rocks," said Kent Cassella of Burlington.

And whether he planned to build a few rock sculptures that night or it was just a spur of the moment, some are calling it pop-up art.

"I heard someone say he was a student and this is sort of how he worked off his anxiety or something, but that's all hearsay, I didn't talk to him at all," Cassella said.

The sculptures went up Friday night and so far, no one's come forward. But there is one guy who claims he might be responsible.

"I did it, I actually did it. I did it quite quickly," Redkob said.

But if you don't want to believe the tourist from New York, maybe a tourist from Australia's theory is a little more believable.

"I would've thought someone just put one up when they were bored or drunk and someone else just come by and done another one and it cascaded on from there," said Tom Wilson of Perth, Australia.

Whichever story you buy, the rock sculptures are still standing strong.

"It'll probably last longer than you think," Wilson said.

"The guy deserves a little credit; he did a great job," Cassella said.

So, job well done to the mystery man who turned the rocks on the Waterfront into something interesting to look at.

Burlington Parks and Recreation says it's great to see something unique by the water and creativity that isn't a disturbance is always welcome.

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