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Web Watch: security on your wrist

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Have you ever spotted something you wanted so bad you would buy it in a heartbeat? Well, now you literally can.

It is a new piece of technology meant to replace credit cards, computer passwords and phone locks.

Hacking someone's accounts is very easy for online trolls. However, the next level of security protection may come from the company called Bionym. It is a bracelet, unique to every user, and instead of passwords containing your wedding anniversary, pet's name or the road from your childhood -- you replace them all with a single device.

The Canadian company is working on technology that reads your heart rate. Much like a finger print, everyone's is a little different. Depending on the size of your heart and where it rests in your body.

It is an ECG sensor, much like what doctors use, on your wrist. It creates a unique pattern -- then transmits the pattern to your computer or other device. If someone else puts on your wristband, it will not work.

Makers say it is more secure than your finger print or even an iris scan. It is like wearing all of your information right on you, only no one can see it. You can preorder the technology for $80. The bracelets are expected to hit the market next spring.

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