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Wooden skateboards from Warren

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Matt Groom and Whitney Phillips find their groove in the woodshop.

The two met fixing a flood damaged building in Warren after Tropical Storm Irene. "We very quickly learned we worked very well together and we better together than we were separate," Groom said.

Besides a love of woodworking, the two also connected with another common interest -- hitting the road on four wheels.  They teamed up one year ago to create -- Warren Pieces -- unique wooden skateboards. "It's art you can ride, its not a pressed board from a factory in China," Groom said.

Each longboard is one of a kind, made from scraps of reclaimed or recycled wood that is glued together to make intricate patterns. "We love wood, love working with it and the look, so it killed us to see so much wood going into the furnace," Groom said.

"This is wood that's been discarded, so as we plane it, sand it -- if it's bending one way we say, you know what, it's going to bend that way. With the amount of figure in it, it looks beautiful and that's why we like working with it,"  Whitney Phillips said.

Three layers of bamboo under the top layer give the boards strength. "I've actually tried to split one with an ax and it didn't work," Groom said.

The boards are uniquely shaped -- even making what they say is the first square skateboard.
"It's all things we've wanted to change about every board we've ever ridden and now we have the opportunity," Phillips said.

Shortboards cost $250 and longboards are $400.  They come with all the hardware to get you rolling. Each board also comes with a mount -- that way you can hang the board on the wall when you're not riding around. "Why buy such a cool piece of art and throw it in the closet," Phillips said.

The mounts are even starting to pop up at many local establishments. "It's the board you want to go down the boardwalk and get a six pack with -- it's not the board for a skate park," Groom said.

"We put our heart and soul into them. They're our favorite pieces of wood. We basically can't throw them away so we immortalize them by turning them into skateboards which can hang on your wall, which is awesome," Phillips said.

Taking scraps and turning them into beautiful rides that are Made in Vermont.

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