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Destination Recreation: Corn Maze

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Hathaway Farm in Rutland has been around for a while.

Today, the farm includes a 12 acre corn maze cut by Irene Hathaway.

"For the most part I use a little John Deer tractor," said Hathaway.

It takes her the better part of a month to cut the maze.

"Oh my gosh," she said. "I'd hate to think of how many hours I've put in...a lot!"

But for Hathaway, all of that time pays off.

"The most rewarding part is meeting all of the people who come here."

This is true for people like the Archers who brought their little guy Ashor for a visit.

"Ashor has already said he wants to come back so we will."

In a good year corn stalks can be about 12 feet high. This year we saw a lot of wet weather, so instead, they are about 7-8 feet. However, it still makes for quite a challenge.

A challenge that surprised the Archers. "How hard it was...yeah."

While the corn maze is a'maze'ing, Ashor will probably remember some other features at the farm.

"Probably the pumps and the ducks cause kids don't see pumps like that anymore."

The corn maze itself, is a piece of art.

"I really enjoy the design aspect," said Hathaway. "I really enjoy sitting down and figuring out where people might go."

Every year, the corn maze has a theme. This year it is Gettysburg.

"It's the 150th anniversary of the Battle of Gettysburg this year," remarked Hathaway. "And my husband's great grandfather fought in that; he's from Goshen Vermont.

The Hathaways even have letters written by him.

"There's a Union flag and Confederate flag."

Navigating through these corn cuts, flags and all can take a while.

"We've had a couple people get through in 30 minutes, which is super fast. We've had people 2 and a half, three hours who haven't solved it."

This means it's a good idea to apply sunscreen and take some bottled water in the maze.

After solving the maze, you can check out some furry creatures.

"You can go downstairs and see a livestock barn."

Some of the animals have been around for a while.

"We have a donkey who is 42 years old this year."

Hathaway Farm will be operating its corn maze through the end of October.

"We're getting people lost everyday out there."

Lost and having a good time.




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