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Good morning ... I'm Darren Perron. And I'm Jenninfer Reading. Thanks for joining us. This morning we're talking bike and pedestrian safety -- with our guests Nancy Schulz and Bruce Lierman -- of the Vermont Bicycle & Pedestrian Coalition. Thanks for joining us. But before we begin our conversation -- we have a recent case that highlights the problem. Police say a repeat drunk driver -- hit three cyclists during a cycling tour.Here's Ali Freeman. Avid biker, Steve Hare, says he can't believe what happened to fellow cyclists on Sunday. ((Steve Hare "people who are impaired by alcohol -- please stay off the roads.")) Police say on Sunday morning, 54-year-old Brain Miller cut across the center lane in Shoreham, plowing into three cyclists -- taking part in a bike tour. Court papers show that Miller was drunk, and says he passed out at the wheel.((Trooper Justin Busby "the gentleman that was struck by on his bicycle and actually went over the hood of the vehicle and penetrated the windshield of the car, due to the force of the impact.")) Hare says this accident is a reminder of how vulnerable cyclists are -- even if they are following the rules of the road.And has scars to prove it. He was hit by a car last year.((Steve Hare "a motorist just hit me from behind. I had crashed on my bicycle in the passed or gone down, but I've never been hit where I had no idea something was about to happen.")) Sunday's injured riders were participating in Tour De Farms, an organized bike tour throughout the town. Police say the bikers were NOT in any violation, and were safely following the road rules. All riders had been briefed before the tour on biking safety. ((Lea Calderon-Guthe/ Tour De Farms "safety is our number one priority. I was out late last night putting up signs at every major road crossing. We have caution signs at least 200 yards ahead of the crossing {butted}. Its hard to prevent every accident.")) Two of three cyclists hit were seriously injured, including a 15-year-old girl from Massachusetts. A Moretown man remains in critical condition. ((Dave Fenster / Addison County State's Attorney "its a very serious offense. We have an individual here who has been driving on a suspended license. His license has been suspended since 1970's -- 1978. And he got into a motor vehicle accident that caused two people very serious injuries.")) Miller is still in the hospital, but plead not guilty via phone on Monday. The Shoreham man is facing 7 charges, and if convicted could spend up to 60 years behind bars. Prosecution says this isn't his first run in with the law.((Dave Fenster / Addison County State's Attorney "he does have a pending DUI offense that he was on release conditions for, when this offense occurred.And he was also on arrest warrant status because he failed to appear.")) And the two pending DUI charges add on to a rap sheet that already has two prior DUI convictions in 1978 and 1985.((SU Close AF Channel 3 News.)) thanks for joining us this Sunday morning. Call it the grande finale of fair season. The Eastern State's Exposition in West Springfield, Massachusetts is more than half way through its 17 day stint. Gina Bullard checked out the more than 170 acres of fair fun -- from food and games to everything agriculture. It's all about the animals at the Eastern States Exposition in West Springfield Massachusetts.((nat braiding horse hair)) fair -- animals are ((nat blow dryer?)points count -- that's in Newport Vermont -- takes every measure necessary to make sure her Ayshire cows look their best.(7:01:18) ((Rachel Before/Agawam Farm Newport "they get treated better than i do. when we're at the show its all about them.")) Rachel's been coming for 12 years to the Big E and pulls out all the stops. Blow dryers -- sheers -- even hair spray gets used to beautify these cows.(4:14:05)((Rachel Before/Agawam Farm Newport "its a little stronger than stuff you'd use on yourself but they move around a lot more")) Keeping the girls looking good for their once from the judge the competition is stiff.(32:39:13) Descoteaus/Ayrshire Judge "i'm judging the big e because of my years of ) 25 years to be exact -- this Ayrshire judge from Quebec knows what he's looking for.((Dennis Descoteaus/Ayrshire Judge "its a very hearty robust breed we're looking for want to see in females the dairy qualities the capability to produce milk")(33:55:09)((Dennis Descoteaus/Ayrshire Judge "gb- i saw a quebec cow just win - are you being a little bias? D-haha i hope not")) Winning at this national show means more than just money.(34:25:11) Judge "she gains in exhibitor for the gains value its dairy farm"))(23:11:14)Before/Agawam Farm Newport " for us its a big deal. its free publicity for your animals you do well everybody knows it its published everywhere. its a pride factor"))(33:45:00) ((Dennis Descoteaus/Ayrshire Judge "gb0hwo are the vt cows doing today? D-they're doing pretty well there's a lot of nice ones there ehh"))5 )5ones there ehh")there's a lot of nice doing pretty well today? D-they're the vt cows doing today? D-they're doing pretty well there's a lot of nice ones there ehh"))5 Like most fairs -- the Big E in West Like most fairs -- the Big E in West Springfield Massachusetts has A LOT to offer.((GB"chocolate covered bacon here we go...mmmm")) Especially when it comes to food.((nat)) Each New England state is represented by its own state run building. We decided to find the best food that each one has to offer. First up -- we'll start with our twin state -- New Hampshire. Its specialty -- blueberry pie.(1:14:03:28)((NH ladies "better than Maine's!") ) If you're wondering what all these people are in line for -- well it's for a Maine baked This booth sells around 6-thousand loaded potatoes a day long fair.That's more than 100-thousand potatoes -- topped with a whole lot of cabot sour cream. This spud gets Burton Spooner from Randolph Vermont coming back every year.(54:43:14)((Burton Spooner/Randolph VT "gb-whats the best part of the big e for you? B-the baked potato gb-the maine baked potato - so whats so good about it? B- id ont know")) In Rhode Island it's all about seafood...(45:44:23) ((Stuart Tucker/Tucker's Seafood RI "the appetizer of the state is going to be calamari - gb-but isn't ri known for quohogs? S-yah but we beat that to death so we had to come up with something new")) The calamari salad with mussels squid and shrimp sure works on a hot day!((nat yum gina?))(1:10:39;22)((GB"now when it comes to the CT building the best export we could find is -- ME!"))((nat?) ) In Massachusetts -- fin cakes are filling people up. The Finish treat is made with more eggs than flour to make it extra thin.((nat)) And finally -- Vermont. The Green Mountains are well Big E. Favorites like maple syrup....and lots of cheese...line (1:07;43:26) ((Bruce Martell/VT Smoke & Cure "its been a nice experience and its good to get the word ) This year the state building welcomes Cure -- with a show s'mores.((Bruce Martell/VT they looked shocked then they try it and ) Signature samples England states.Gina Bullard Channel 3 News West Springfield 3 News West Gina Bullard Channel England states.from all the New ) Signature samples they smile")then they try it and they looked shocked Smoke & Cure "first ((Bruce Martell/VT (1:07:20;16)s'mores.stopper -- bacon Cure -- with a show Vermont Smoke and building welcomes ) This year the state out to the public")good to get the word experience and its been a nice Smoke & Cure "its ((Bruce Martell/VT (1:07;43:26) the aisles.lots of cheese...line maple

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