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Sunday Science: 9/29/13

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Whales' ear wax is being used to track levels of pollutants in the ocean. Back in 2007, a blue whale washed up dead on the shore in California, and a scientist extracted a column of ear wax about 30 centimeters long. The different-colored layers allowed him to map out each six months of the whale's life, and through that, he could tell when that whale was exposed to certain chemicals. He's now asking other scientists to send him earwax from other beached whales to study.

And while many people use antibacterial soaps and cleaners in the hopes of staying healthier, researchers say they could actually be helping to create superbugs instead. They say when those products are poured down the drains, they ultimately make their way to rivers, lakes, and streams, where they kill off all but the antibiotic-resistant bacteria. Those then continue breeding.

Forget poker face -- try poker arms instead. A new study says when placing bets, poker players' arms, not their faces, betray their hand. While experienced players' faces showed nothing, students were able to tell who was playing a strong hand and who wasn't just by looking at two-second clips of their arms and hands. What they said: The players who had a strong hand moved their arms more smoothly, while the ones who were bluffing had more awkward movements.







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