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Sen. Sanders caught in commotion of Washington shooting

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The U.S. Capitol went into lockdown Thursday after police say a woman tried to ram a car onto the White House grounds. Police chased the driver about a mile to Capitol Hill, where Secret Service agents shot and killed her. It's not clear who she was. A police officer was injured during the incident.

Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vermont, was caught in the middle of the chaos while walking back to his office about two blocks from the Capitol. He hid as shots were fired.

Reporter Darren Perron spoke with the senator a short time after the incident.

"I suddenly saw a number of police cars racing down the street with sirens blaring. And then I heard about four or five shots: pop, pop, pop, pop. And then there were police officers just racing all over the place, telling people to get down and get behind cars," Sanders said. "I was with the senator from Mississippi, Senator Wicker, and he and I just ducked behind a car."

Reporter Darren Perron: While you were waiting behind the car, what was going through your mind, senator?

Sen. Bernie Sanders: Well, we just had a terrible shooting, as you know, a couple of weeks ago in the Navy Yard, where a dozen or so people were killed. There is a lot of tension in the air here right now with the government shutdown. So, you don't know what to think. These are difficult times. What I was worried about and continue to be worried about is police officers getting shot... I hope everybody ends up OK.

Darren Perron: We saw video of you being escorted back into the building. Can you give us a timeframe on how long this went on and when you were able to get back into the building?

Sen. Bernie Sanders: After we heard the shots and police officers were saying get down get down, Senator Wicker and I just stayed behind the car for a while until we were escorted back into the building. I'd say all of that took place in a five-minute period.

Darren Perron: Senator, we are certainly glad to hear you are OK and we appreciate you talking with us tonight.

Sen. Bernie Sanders: Thank you very much, Darren. Take care.

Sen. Patrick Leahy and Rep. Peter Welch are also safe.

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