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Skin products for the Zombie Apocalypse

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Mother and daughter, Rennee Tower and Jane Barcomb, are all about being creative -- and a little quirky.

They make goats milk soap for their company Sapling Naturals. "It's life changing once you realize, if you use the right soap your skin feels great -- no winter itchies," Tower said.

A business born from a late Christmas gift.  Rennee always bought her mom handmade soap for Christmas, but one year the gift was late. "She had ordered it and it just didn't come and didn't come and it got to be January, so she ordered me a kit to make my own soap," Barcomb said.

Jane was instantly hooked.  The two turned it into a business three years ago.  Production happens in Jane's Jacksonville home. The soap costs less than $5 a bar and looks more like slices of cake. "We thought why don't we pipe this on the top and everybody says it looks good enough to eat," Barcomb said.

Business was ok, but inspiration struck again -- from an unlikely source. Rennee was watching the AMC cable drama, "The Walking Dead," and saw a way for the business to stand out and really come alive -- creating zombie repellant soap and survival kits. "It's a funny gag gift but something also useful and nice," Tower said.

Business took off -- for real.  Tower says people are stocking up their survival bunkers -- and having fun. "Zombie anti-viral wound wash and there's 100% effectiveness rate," Tower said.

The duo add humor to many of their products. "Who doesn't need to smile?" Barcomb said. Whether it's beer, dirt or bacon soap.

Reporter Gina Bullard: It looks like bacon but does it smell like bacon? Ah yes, it does smell like bacon.

Rennee Tower: This is not one in my shower, but it's fun.

Sapling Naturals sells around 500 bars of soap a month -- mostly on the online retailer Etsy. Lavender sage is one of their top scents. Nothing goes to waste. Any ends or odd pieces get turned into felted soap monsters -- perfect for kids. "This is your washcloth and your soap. When you get this wet, it all lathers up," Barcomb said.

"We're native Vermonters. I spend more time in the garden than the spa, so it's nice to have a little indulgence," Tower said.

Made in Vermont indulgences for almost everyone -- adults, kids, but no zombies. "Better safe than sorry. Can you ever be too prepared really?" Tower said.

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