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Champlain student helps Starbucks Drake hands go viral

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It would take lifetimes to watch all the videos online of people doing embarrassing things. In fact, it seems to be one of the primary reasons for the Internet.

The newest video making the rounds is one of a guy trying to woo the girl who he likes. He goes about in a way that has sparked thousands of spoofs.

I caught up, not with the star of that video, but the man who helped make it go viral.

It is a classic romance story. Girl gives number to guy at Starbucks. Guy sends girl a selfie video of him staring awkwardly into the camera. The girl then posts the video online.

Just like that, millions of people watch and cringe. A viral video is born.

That is where Mark Miller comes in.

Reporter Scott Bottari: You're not the guy in the video?

Mike Miller: I am not. 

Miller has no real connection to the video. He does not even know the man in it.

But the Champlain College student has become the self-appointed curator of the cultural phenomenon dubbed -- Starbucks Drake hands.

It is called Starbucks, because that is where the guy and the girl met. Drake is the name of the rapper in the song playing in the video's background. The hands part comes in, because of the man's gestures.

"You know there's thousands if not a million videos now," said Miller of the spoof versions. "And I took what I thought were the best ones and compiled them."

As soon as Miller saw the video he created a companion Twitter page and Instragam account. Both are getting a lot of attention.

"It just became the official account by Drake posting my account online," said the Champlain student.

The singer saw Miller's page and sent it to his fans where more than 80,000 people liked it. Now Miller is constantly sending out spoofs of the original video that people across the globe are submitting. Fan-made video spoofs feature celebrities, kids, animals, robots and even pirates.

So how do you make one of these Starbucks Drake hands videos? You seem to need three things -- a cellphone camera, the right song playing in the background and no shame.

Miller is not getting rich or famous by doing this, though Drake may be. His sales have increased significantly from this. Just this week his song heard in the background went platinum.

"They have no affiliation with Drake," Miller said referring to the spoof videos. "It's really just dumb luck."

In the 80s that Say Anything moment seemed to be every girl's dream.

"Times have changed," said Miller.

Now romance is apparently -- Starbucks Drake hands.

The star of the original video seems to be taking all the new-found Internet fame in stride. He even tweeted out a link to the video once it went public.

The girl he was trying to impress, it turns out is a 20-year-old fashion model.

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