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Parade of pumpkin people in Plainfield, NH

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There's a peculiar presence in Plainfield, N.H., around Halloween. For the second year in a row, the pumpkin people have arrived. There are performing pumpkins and those just parking it, hockey-playing pumpkins, a pumpkin hitting the slopes and another hoping to reel in a big one. There are pint-sized pumpkins, presumptuous pumpkins and pumpkins pedaling around. And all of them are the talk of the town.

"The other girls actually brought in some outfits for the pumpkins to wear, so we all kind of contributed," said Tiffany Sabatamo, who works in Plainfield.

Some pumpkins are taking a break from the bright lights of the big city, others are just clowning around.

Reporter Adam Sullivan: It's almost like light at Christmastime or something?

Linda Tyler/Plainfield: It is. And I think it is more fun.

There are friendly pumpkins, farming pumpkins and pumpkins fixing cars.

"A lot of the back roads have them too," Tyler said. "You really have to drive around to find them."

A map on the town's Facebook page is updated regularly to show visitors where the pumpkins are located. A pumpkin portfolio, if you will, that the locals say is bringing the community closer.

"We have sort of been separate from the rest of Plainfield and now it has sort of drawn everybody together. It is great," said Linda Buzzell, who created a pumpkin person.

"It's really cute how the town gets together and does something. Just to have everybody as a whole," Sabatamo said.

"We have about 160 as of yesterday," the Pumpkin King said.

The Pumpkin King, leading the effort to create the pumpkin people, chooses to remain anonymous. Apparently, he's wanted by the pumpkin police.

"I've seen cars both sides of the street, in the road, stopped," he said.

But the hippies on the other side of the street, they don't mind the added attention. Nor does the pumpkin taking a hike or the one wrangling horses.

"The other comment that we get is how you have made my ride to work much more enjoyable," the pumpkin king said.

"It's something to do for Halloween and you know the kids get a kick out of it," Sabatamo said.

Pumpkin people taking over a town to make the Halloween holiday a happy one.

Click here for the Facebook map of the pumpkin people.

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