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Should Rutland regulate yard sales?

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Rose Gilman Rose Gilman
John Paul Faignant John Paul Faignant

"It's just a little bit of everything," Rose Gilman said. "We sell stuff for everybody, we help ourselves out and we live here now-- we just moved in."

Gilman says this is the sixth year she and her husband have had yard sales just off Route 7 in Rutland Town. She says they are usually open for business July through September, and good weather allowed them to stay open even later this year. Gilman says having the summer-long yard sale helps pay the bills.

"This is also income for us and it's also income for other people," she said. "We have sheets of paper that people have signed, that come up and they rent tables or they will put stuff on tables like a consignment thing. I just couldn't do a consignment shop because I don't have an actual business."

But some residents say yard sales across town have been getting out of hand.

"Residents had noticed that yard sales were not being broken down or put away after their advertised date. And then there are some places in town that seemed to be having a perpetual yard sale... day after day after day," said John Paul Faignant of the Rutland Town Select Board.

Faignant says the more sales, the more complaints the select board hears.

"Certainly the aesthetics of it for neighbors was an important thing. And then the traffic was a serious issue. I mean, if you have one of these situations along a main road... I'm aware that there were accidents caused by a particular yard sale," Faignant said.

The select board is now looking at ways to regulate the yard sales. Faignant says they are considering limiting the number of sales people can have each year and the number of consecutive days. But the board does not want to ban tag sales all together.

"Not at all. I mean, everyone likes a good yard sale. But the point is that we have got to have some balance. And that is really all we are looking for," Faignant said.

Gilman says her family's finances may take a hit if they are forced to only operate a few days a year. But mostly, she says, she will miss the people.

"I think it would be the fun. The fun-- we have a lot of regular people that come here. They come here looking for certain things, they ask us to hold things for them if they find them. And I think the fun is going to be the worst... You know, meeting all the new people," Gilman said.

A town looking to find a balance so people can keep finding a good sale.

The select board hopes to make a final decision on the regulations within a month.

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