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Northfield Police investigate dog poisoning

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Terry Gray loves her pets. She has two cats, and up until Saturday, she had three dogs.  But one had to be put down -- the victim of an apparent poisoning. "It is a painful death," Gray said.

It all started Thursday night when Emmy got sick to her stomach.  Friday she seemed unsure on her feet.  She then had her first seizure early Saturday morning. "She seizured again so we put her in the car and we rushed to the vets and the first thing Dr. Kerry thought was antifreeze poisoning. And he has been taking care of our animals for over 30 years so it's not like he doesn't know us and our animals," Gray said. "Within an hour he knew it was antifreeze poisoning from the crystals in her urine and he took blood tests."

By 3:30 that afternoon the Grays had to put Emmy down because her kidneys had failed. When they got home they combed their yard and nearby woods. And Just over a knoll next door, Gray and her husband found a two liter soda bottle. A big hole was cut into the side. It was filled with cut up hotdogs and what Gray believes is antifreeze.

This is the lot where the poison was found. it abuts Gray's property.  Gray says she has lived in her current house for more than 26 years. She knows her neighbors and she has never had a problem with them. But a week before she had to put Emmy down, something strange happened -- a Northfield police officer paid her a visit.

"Officer Hoar came up and said that he had a complaint on our animals -- and that was a week ago Saturday -- and we said, 'who is it,' and he wouldn't give us their names," Gray said.

Gray says her dogs are almost always supervised in the yard and none of the neighbors she spoke with had a complaint. Police are now investigating and say they are talking to several people of interest. The case is being turned over to a detective. "Right now we are looking at cruelty to animals and aggravated cruelty to animals -- those would be the charges if any are filed," said (( Northfield Police Ofc. Daniel Withrow.

Meanwhile Gray feels lucky that just one of her dogs took the bait. "But it was truly a bait, to get our animals. I am lucky I did not lose him. The little one doesn't -- she is 16 -- she doesn't leave but the two of them were just buddies. They always go together, so I am surprised I did not lose all of them," she said.

Northfield Police  are contacting the state health department lab to try to get the bait tested as soon as possible, but Gray realizes this case is not a priority.  Police let Gray keep some of the tainted hotdog so she can contact an independent lab to try to get testing done sooner.

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