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Young Dartmouth-Hitchcock patients create music video

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Lives are touched by the work being done at the Children's Hospital at Dartmouth every single day.

"The people here, these are the people that saved my life," said Meghan Richardson, 16.

And Richardson, who was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis at 4-months-old, is letting the world know. Richardson and other CHaD patients have starring roles in a short lip-sync video to the song "Roar" by Katy Perry. Less than 24 hours after it was posted online, tens of thousands of people had seen it.

Reporter Adam Sullivan: So, how does it feel to be famous?

Meghan Richardson: It's crazy.

Another star-- 13-year-old Maggie Philbrook. She was diagnosed with cancer in February.

"I saw it after school and I was laughing because I thought it was funny," Philbrook said.

It's a moment of happiness in a schedule that's consumed by weekly visits to CHaD for treatment.

"It was kind of hard for me to dance well because when I'm connected to the IV pole, I am kind of limited with what I can do with my arms," Philbrook said.

The video was produced to celebrate a successful fundraiser. But, now, thanks to the internet, it has taken on a life of its own.

"We are a small children's hospital within a hospital, but we believe that we are small and mighty. This kind of exposure can only help show the good work that we do," said Keith Loud, the interim director of CHaD.

Nurses and doctors get into the act, as well. But it's the kids who make it powerful.

"As that video shows, we are only helping to empower them with the power that they already have," said Susan Whitcomb, a registered nurse.

But no matter how many views they receive online, this crew is not heading to Hollywood any time soon.

"I like what I do; I'm not going to quit my day job," Whitcomb said.

Though Philbrook says she may end up producing a few internet sensations of her own.

"Definitely not singing, because I can't sing," she said.

As for Richardson, she feels right at home in front of the camera and says the song empowers her peers to let their inner strength shine, as well.

"This video inspires them to roar themselves," she said.

By Tuesday evening, nearly 70,000 people had viewed the video on YouTube. Click here to check it out.

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