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Mosquito that can carry yellow fever lands in Calif.

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CLOVIS, Calif. -

Biologist Jodi Holeman is working to eradicate a potentially lethal mosquito that's recently swarmed her community in Clovis, Calif. She's collected more mosquito eggs than she can count.

"As many as 192 eggs in a single trap that's been there all week," Holeman said.

And that's just in one trap. She has 150 traps.

The white-spotted mosquitoes, known as Aedes aegypti like to feed on humans and can transmit deadly diseases like yellow fever and dengue with a single bite.

Holeman and her team have trapped hundreds of adults and found nearly 1,000 eggs in Clovis since the mosquitoes were first spotted there in June. Holeman found at least 50 in her own front yard.

Now, one has been discovered 10 miles away in Fresno, so biologist Tim Phillips is leading a crew to warn residents.

"The nightmare is it gets established and we have locally transmitted disease," Phillips said.

And Phillips says there's no guarantee they can stop it.

The mosquito has infested at least 13 states and Washington, D.C.

Clovis resident Mercedes Hernandez says her son came home with bites right around the time the mosquitoes started popping up.

"It's scary, it's nerve-wracking," she said. "Now, I'm not going to have any piece of mind outdoors."

So far, none of the Clovis mosquitoes have tested positive for deadly diseases, but the potential has Holeman hoping for a bitter winter which could kill off the pests, at least temporarily.

That deadly breed of mosquito is blamed for infecting at least 18 people with dengue in Florida last month. Dengue is treatable if it's caught early.

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