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Easy Halloween costume ideas

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This St. Albans Mom now blogs all of her ideas on "Seven Thirty Three" and lucky us!

"The worst thing for a Vermont kid is to have to put a winter coat over a costume. I hated it!"

Which made Kim Conner's daughter's request for an ariel costume a little tricky.

"She had been begging me for years and I just said, Cass, you can't do it. It's too cold, it's too cold in Vermont," she says.

But this Mom figured out a way!

"I drew a template on freezer paper and that's how I cut it out," she says.

She added batting on the inside for warmth and made the "tail" one-sided.

"I made a water skirt. It's just a tool skirt. It's no sew," she says.

That's Mrs. Potatohead, which can be no sew because they're felt and felt works really well with hot glue. If you want to be adventurous, you can put velcro and made them move around.

With 99-thousand page views a month, she's got quite a following.

"So I'm going to show you how to make a pig today," she says. "All I do is start hand drawing the shape of a pig's ear on a piece of paper, then I trace it onto the craft felt. I do it two so it's stiffer and it stands up. If you do one sheet it won't stand up -- it will be flopping. The next thing you do is just glue it together. I just do it right along the edge.

"All you do is fold it," she demonstrates. "So you hold one side and I just put a dot of glue and I hold it down and I do the same thing on this side. Hold it and let it seal and that's it we have our pig ear!"

Then you glue it to the head band -- to make your ears.

Now to the nose, which starts with a gatorade top and cutting a circle around it.

"All I did was put a bunch of hot glue and slowly work my way around and if you have too much felt, you can trim it down," she says.

Then you hot glue the pink button to the top and add the elastic.

"These are the snouts, so you want them to be this way. Then glue this on."

Now we need the tail. Start with a thin rectangular shaped felt piece and a pipe cleaner.

"I did one side, I'm gonna put it there and now I'll just glue this side," she says. "So now it's already in there ... and now you're going to glue it shut."

And then just twist it -- and cut part off.

And presto! A cheap, but adorable costume.

And if you'd like to visit her blog for tips -- we have a link: http://www.733blog.com/

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