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Destination Recreation: Archery Season

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BARRE, Vt. -

"We have a very robust community of folks who like to bow hunt, and it's growing all the time," Vermont Fish & Wildlife Commissioner Patrick Berry.

About 20,000 people bought archery licenses for Vermont last year, spending about $440,000. And when you're out in the woods, it all starts with straight shooting.

"It's just like throwing a baseball. You look at that hole in that deer -- throw the arrow into it, says Rick Sanborn.

But Rick Sanborn from R & L Archery in Barre will also tell you, like throwing the baseball, it takes practice. 

"You need the muscles to do it, you need the coordination, you need the skill," he says.

Sanborn says archery requires muscles most of us don't ever use, and it can take a couple hours to fit a compound bow to a person.

And the first time you shoot an arrow -- it can be a bit startling.

Our photographer Darin even got to try a recurve bow -- still used by some hunters, though it requires a lot more hand-eye coordination.

This year, the deer herd appears healthy, and Sanborn says there's about a 40/60 split bucks and does, which is standard -- and people have brought in sizeable deer.

"There's a 5-point 147-lb. buck," he says.

But there is a lot of food out there this season, which means the animals won't travel as much, making it more challenging for hunters.

"I think people are going to have to move around a lot more," Berry says. "They're actually going to have to get out in the woods, they're going to have to find where those food sources are, they may have to deviate a little bit from what they've done historically."

And they may get even more time to shoot in the future, as the Fish & Wildlife department looks at possibly extending the season.

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