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Sunday Science: 10/27/13

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Researchers studying a young Mississippi girl who was infected by HIV say she definitely had the virus and shows no sign of the disease today. The case was reported earlier this year, but some doctors were skeptical, saying the baby may have showed a false positive. But a paper released this week puts their doubts to rest, saying the mother got no prenatal treatment that would have prevented the virus from being passed on to her child. Doctors are still calling it remission instead of a cure because they're not sure how much time is needed to declare someone free of HIV, which was long feared to be permament.

More good news in the fight against balding. A new regeneration method uses the patient's own cells to grow new hair instead of redistributing it from one part of the head to another. Researchers say this method could help women, and men in the early stages of balding, with their hair loss. They say those patients don't benefit much from existing hair-loss medications, which slow the rate of hair loss but don't usually cause a lot of new hair growth.

And how would you feel about spray-on clothing? A British fashion designer says he thinks a suit -- in a can -- could be the way of the future. Short fibers are bound together with polymers that deliver a fabric in liquid form. Once this material is sprayed onto a surface, it dries almost instantly and forms into a non-woven material. It supposedly feels cool when it's first sprayed on but warms up to body temperature within seconds. And it could later be peeled off.

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