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Colorful berries for fall

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It is November and we're talking about berries! The leaves are gone, but the berries remain. And there are some great, native, berry bushes that are growing. They have good food for birds, wildlife and for us.

This first has white berries. It's the grey dogwood and a native shrub. It has white berries with some nice red stems. It gets about 6 feet tall, grows in swampy areas, and provides great food for birds. The berries and stems are very ornamental.

Here's a black berried dogwood that's called a silky dogwood. Again, it has clusters of berries that birds will really nosh down on. This shrub gets a little bit bigger than the grey dogwood.

Another groups are the viburnums. This is the American cranberry bush. You can actually eat these berries and make jams and jellies out of them. They also hang on the bush, right through the winter. Birds don't go after this berry until late, so it provides nice color. 

This black berry is the nanny berry viburnum. The berries taste kind of like wild raisins, with a big seed. It gets about 12 to 15 feet tall. It's a nice wild bush to have in the landscape.

There are also a few berries that you don't want to have in your landscape. These would be ones that you see often. These blackberries look like they are very tasty, but this is actually a buck thorn berry.  Buck thorn is an invasive species. If you see this one, you want to cut it out and get rid of it. Even dig out the roots if you can.

And the same is true for this one, the burning bush! It's so pretty, but it is an invasive and you can't buy the shrub anymore. You can see why because the berries have little wings on them and when the birds eat them, they poop the seeds all over the place and they spread all over.

So, get the right berries and you can have beautiful color all through the fall.

By Charlie Nardozzi

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