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Sequential date 11/12/13 sends couples down the aisle

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With snow on the ground and crisp notes in the air, it felt like a perfect day to cozy up with a good book or hot cup of joe. It also turns out it's a great day to get married.

Cindy McIntyre and Pam Kenney are tying the knot in Warren at the West Hill House Bed and Breakfast.

"It's the nicest place we could think of to get married," Pam said.

But it was more than Vermont's scenic landscapes and laid back culture that drew this couple in; it was the date.

"When 11/12/13 came up and we met in November in the first place, we decided it was the perfect date for us," Cindy said.

It does have quite the ring to it.

"We're very happy," Pam said.

Across the country some in the wedding biz estimate 3,000 happy couples like Cindy and Pam will exchange vows.

"We've been together for 28 years," Pam said.

The two started planning in April. They were lured in by the bed-and-breakfast trying to capture romance for the 11/12/13 date, offering a special wedding package for $1,450. It included everything: cake, Champagne and a room. Greg Trulson, the officiant, says this Tuesday I do's are in the air.

"Today I have one more wedding, so that will make three weddings today," Trulson said.

Reporter Gina Bullard: Have you ever done three weddings before on a Tuesday?

Greg Trulson: Not on a Tuesday.


Gina Bullard: Are people surprised you're getting married on a Tuesday?

Cindy McIntyre: Yeah, I told my friends we were getting married on 11/12/13. It finally dawned on them what 11/12/13 was; they thought it was neat. So, hopefully it will be a very lucky day for us.

Lucky-- and there is another big benefit.

"Because I wouldn't forget it," Pam laughed. "For anniversaries-- 11/12/13-- you can't mess that one up."

Cheers to you Cindy and Pam, to many more unforgettable anniversaries.

If you missed out getting married on this sequential date, don't worry, you still have one more chance this century-- on 12/13/14 next year.

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