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VT moms turn blogging into moneymakers

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Head down this country road in Castleton and right where it intersects with a dirt road, sits a house built in 1846. Inside, tucked into the corner of the living room next to the wood stove, sits Ellen Christian.

"My husband and I wanted to get back to the land and be more self sufficient," said Christian.

And she has definitely done that ... Just not the way she expected.

"My husband is a huge fan of homemade chocolate chip cookies , but when he has chocolate chip cookies he doesn't want a little one, he wants one that fits in the palm of his hand," said Christian.

This is a taste of what Ellen does for a living.

You don't come across like somebody who just wants all kinds of attention, "NO!" 

"Yet as a blogger you share a lot of yourself with your audience?" we aked. 

"I do, it's a lot easier to share behind the screen," said Christian.

She is the Mom behind the blog "Confessions of an Overworked Mom". Her blog gets 40,000 page views a month, she has nearly 15,000 followers on Twitter and she gets up to a hundred comments a day.

That's how St. Albans Mom Kim Connors came up with the name for her blog.

"I kind of hid it for the first six months, I was kind of, not embarrassed, but kind of shy about it," said Connors.

Even her husband didn't know!

"Once it started to grow I was like, why am I hiding this, I'm excited! Hey look, I hit 500 followers! Hey look, I hit a thousand!" said Connors.

She says, pinterest gets her a lot of hits on her blog.

Her kids are often her inspiration like her post on her daughter's "Sophia the First" birthday party.

"So for my daughter's Sophia the First, I just shared what I did ... tutorials, printables," said Connors.

A popular blogger noticed what she did.

"She just posted a link saying, hey, look I found some printables for a Sophia the First party, head on over and get them," said Connors.

Kim says, she gets 1000 visitors a month just from that one post.

"If I could turn this into a full time job, I would love it ..." said Connors.

Right now, she makes some money from ads.

"It's not enough for me to stay home, but it's great for me to have spending money for Christmas and that sort of thing," Connors added.

Speaking of the holidays ... Remember those chocolate chip cookies Ellen blogged about? She baked them in a whoopie pie pan and we got to taste them!

"It's easy because they don't spread... and they're all the same size, so if you want to do them for Christmas and put them in one of those gift bags, they fit perfectly," said Christian.

A simple idea, one of many, that has changed a Vermont mom's life for the better.

"I've gotten to the point where I can actually do something that's fun to make money! Not a lot of people say, I love my job! I love doing what I'm doing. If I could do anything in the world for a job, blogging is what I would do. It's an amazingly fun way to make money!" said Christian.

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