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Fertility treatments lead to more multiple births

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Twins Max and Tyler Jacobowitz are the result of fertility treatments. Their mom, Jaycie, didn't ovulate regularly, so her doctor recommended the ovulation-inducing drug, Clomid, despite the risk of multiples.

"We rolled the dice and I took it and we had twins," Jaycie said.

New numbers from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention show fertility technology is a big reason for the explosion of multiple births in the U.S., which has doubled during the past 40 years.

"About one-third of the twins being born are actually from infertility treatments, but three-quarter of the triplets and greater, the higher order multiples are the result of fertility treatments," said Dr. Alan Copperman, the director of infertility at Mount Sinai Hospital.

Researchers say in-vitro fertilization has seen a decline in triplets and larger multiples recently because of advances in the technology. But multiple births from other fertility treatments have increased because they're not as easy to control. The concern is multiple births carry health risks.

"Twin pregnancies are five times more likely to result in prematurity and five times more likely to result in low birth weight babies," Copperman said.

Jaycie carried her boys full term.

"The most important concern: healthy babies. We got lucky," she said.

She says they are twice the work, but give her twice as much joy.

Many insurance plans cover fertility drugs instead of in-vitro fertilization because the medications are less expensive. But some health experts expect that to change as insurance companies realize in the long term it costs more to pay for a complicated pregnancy.

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