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Super Senior: Marge Mayo

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Marge Mayo loves making clothes.

Reporter Joe Carroll: You love fashion, don't you?

Marge Mayo: Yes, yes I do.

It's not just a hobby, but a business. For decades, Marge has had loyal customers coming to her home. She's not only their seamstress, but a friend.

Ever since she was a teenager, she's been hemming and sewing. At 94, Marge has slowed down a bit, but not much.

Today's project-- making a sweater for a friend in the nursing home who broke her shoulder. It's a Christmas gift.

Marge wants to look her best.

"I fix myself up every day," she said.

Her patterns and supplies are kept in the basement.

"This is where my materials are," she explained.

She gets a satisfaction in making clothes that are nice and fitted.

"I do pretty good going up those stairs!" she said.

Marge, as you can tell, is a very positive person, but she has had challenges in her life. For 12 years she took care of her sick husband; he had Alzheimer's disease.

"It wasn't easy, many times it was hard," Marge said.

Sometimes he would run away and she would find him down the road. But she says it's what she's most proud of, taking care of Earl. For all those years, she rarely left his side. She did ask why; they were good people trying to do the right thing.

"He was a character," she said. "He always made people laugh."

When he died, they had been married for 45 years and had raised two boys.

The irony is the place she kept Earl out of all those years is where she goes every week: the nursing home in town.

"I try to come down, cheer them up if I can," Marge said.

Today she's visiting her old friends Edith Washburn and Rose Benton. Every week, Marge drives to area nursing homes with a plate of doughnuts and cookies.

Joe Carroll: What do you get from coming here?

Marge Mayo: Well, the pleasure of seeing them and knowing they are still around with us.

Thankful for her friends and her independence.

Every other week, area retired educators get together for lunch. Marge is the only non-teacher of the bunch.

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