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Sunday Science: 12/8/13

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The sun is completing a "solar flip," and that means many people could have the best chance in a decade of seeing the aurora borealis, or Northern Lights. NASA says every 11 years the sun's polar magnetic fields reverse like this and it can cause a bigger light show. The most common auroras are green, and the rarest are red.

Here's something anyone who has ever had to shovel snow will appreciate: a remote-controlled snow plow. Students at the State University of North Dakota built the plow, which weighs 600 pounds and can cut through up to six inches of snow. Eventually, they say it will go solo thanks to GPS.

And Merriam-Webster has chosen its 2013 English word of the year and that word is -- "Science". The dictionary publisher says that's because it had the biggest spike in online searches, up 176 percent. They say that's because there were a lot of discussions this year surrounding science in topics like education and climate change.

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