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Scrap yard scam in Rutland

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The Rosen & Berger scrap metal business has been in Ken McGinnis' family for over two decades. He says they think of their employees like family. Which is why his former employee Andrew Grandchamp, charged with embezzlement, was extremely difficult.

"I had a lot of trust I mean, he's been here seven years and I thought he was an up and up guy, and I believe he was for a long time and I think he just changed recently," said Ken McGinnis.

State police say the 52-year-old Brandon resident was falsifying the scrap metal weight amounts of a customer, Robert Withington. Withington has been charged with conspiracy. Another employee noticed something was off and told McGinnis, who called authorities. McGinnis says the measly payoff Grandchamp was getting was not worth it.

"He said he did it for a pack of cigarettes each time," said McGinnis.

McGinnis says being in the scrap metal business means calling the police frequently, but usually it's for other reasons.

Sometimes people bring items in to weigh on the scale and they're not even their items to sell at all.

"Some people just shouldn't have stuff they come in with and you can feel that it's not right so you make the call and the police come over and they will take care of things," said McGinnis.

Those who use the scrap metal business honestly say a few bad eggs can taint the industry for those who do things right.

Customer Justin Kapitan said Saturday, "Those people are the dregs of society and they are just ruining it for other people."

McGinnis says although they still need to call police on a regular basis to report people they think may be bringing in stolen items, the frequency has gone down. In 2007 he says he was calling authorities twice per week, more recently he says that's down to once every two months.

He adds this most recent incident has made him take a second look and kick up the checks and balances at his shop.

"To do things different, to really try to keep an eye on people and I guess you can't trust everybody you think you can trust," said McGinnis.

A scrap metal scam that landed two men on the wrong side of the law.

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