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Snow piles up in Southern Vermont

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Bryan Lachance says braving the roads to make his twice-weekly bowling game was tough.

"Couldn't see the lines on the road very well, very slippery, very icy," he said.

Still, Lachance and others say heading to Rutland's Bowlerama to warm up, get some exercise, and have fun on a day where temperatures are dipping into the negative double digits is a perfect plan.

"They'll usually come in, depending on how bad the roads are, and hang out, bowl some games during the day. It's something for them to do if the weather is really bad outside," said Jon Wilbur of the Rutland Bowlerama.

Bowling enthusiasts and even some students with a snow day hit the lanes and avoided the subzero temperatures outside.

Law enforcement tells us they are stepping up patrols and advising people not to go out on the roads, but if they have to-- take it slow.

"I mean just because the speed limit is 35 doesn't mean you need to do that. Or the speed limit is 65 you don't need to do that, you need to slow down for the conditions," Rutland City Police Lt. Kevin Geno said.

Keeping safe also means keeping cars clean and free of ice and snow.

"You should clean your windshield, yes, there is a violation and cleaning your license plate, is also a violation if that's covered with snow, too," Geno said.

Snowplows worked away cleaning the roads for those drivers who are braving the cold, accentuated by a severe wind chill makes it feel even colder. Some winter weather veterans say this harsh weather doesn't faze them.

"No, I just get out and get going, that's all," said Wayne Kelly of Wallingford.

Lachance says when he has to hit the road again after wrapping up his day of bowling; he is ready for another tough drive.

"Cold, and icy and slippery and very crazy," he said.

Well these subzero temperatures will not just affect people's drive home Thursday. This weather is expected to continue for Southern Vermont. Forecasters say that winter storm warning is in effect until 7 a.m. Friday. So, if you are planning your drive to work Friday, be sure you plan to take it slow.

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