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Bitter cold grips region

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Paul Labombard is working outside in the freezing cold in Plattsburgh.

"Wicked cold. It's like 11 below. Wind chill they said like 30 below, so it's really, really nasty weather to be in," said Labombard of A & L Auto.

He's helping drivers with car trouble. Cars aren't starting due to the frigid temperatures. AAA advises drivers to keep emergency items in the car if one should become stranded during winter.

"First aid kit, an emergency road kit that might have some flares, jumper cables. I would probably carry some water, maybe granola bars or some kind of snack food," said Cathy Forget of AAA.

A & L Auto sent out their trucks all day to assist motorists. On Thursday morning alone, they received 30 calls to jump-start cars.

"All day long I'm outside in it, hooking up cars, jump-starting cars, it's just really, really cold," Labombard said.

Some like Labombard are going to spend their whole day outside in this dangerously cold weather. Medical staffers at CVPH are already seeing an increase in the emergency room, people coming in because of the bitter elements. Doctors and nurses are providing patients with tips on how to stay warm.

"Wearing long underwear, leggings, anything made from polyester fabrics because they're gonna keep the dampness away from the skin a little better and they'll also dry faster," said Karen Prevo, trauma nurse coordinator at CVPH.

Labombard says there's only so much you can do to stay warm in the cold.

"Bundles and layers, that's about it. And the heat in the truck, that's it. But other than that you freeze," he said.

For those like Labombard it's all about being smart about being out in the cold.

AAA has a checklist of useful items to keep in your vehicle for cold and icy weather, including a first aid kit, a charged cellphone, and extra hats, gloves, and scarves. Click here for more information.

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