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Infant rescued after car crash in snowy conditions

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Snow, frigid temperatures and icy roads created the perfect storm for tricky travel throughout the state. 

Including a dramatic crash in St. Albans town where rescue workers pulled an infant up a steep embankment.

"This individual looks like he lost control of the car on the corner here with the ice. When they went off, they went way down an embankment and rolled over. It was a male and female passenger, as well as a very young infant in the car," said Trooper John Bruzzi of the Vermont State Police.

Everyone in the car was taken to the hospital for evaluation. We do not know the extent of their injuries.

Transportation officials say it's not just roads you have to worry about, but also other drivers.

"You often see people drive down the road with a little tiny spot cleared out on their windshield -- like the size of a toaster -- and they are peering out of it. That's incredibly unsafe. Not just for them, because they can't see all around where their car is going. But you have those chunks of snow and ice flying off and could possibly injury somebody behind them," said Scott Rogers of VTrans.

And that's exactly what happened in Alburgh, where a tractor-trailer passed a vehicle and some of the frozen stuff gave way.

"A large chunk of ice broke off the back of the truck and smashed the windshield. It ended up causing some pretty significant cuts to the driver and his passenger," said Bruzzi.

With the tricky travel conditions, VTrans says they have been in storm mode for weeks.

"Well we are already into winter, so there wasn't a lot of prep for today's snow storm," said Rogers.

But the subzero temps caused some problems with VTrans' go-to way to treat the roads-- salt.

"Cold temperatures do present a challenge because salt doesn't work well in cold temperatures. And a lot of times if you can imagine that the purpose of the salt is to melt snow. And when you melt snow, you get water that will eventually re-freeze. So you have to be really judicious about when and how you use salt during really really cold storms," said Rogers.

And those drivers who hit the roads say it was easy to tell the roads were covered in a messy mix.

"I couldn't see the lines on the road very well, very slippery, very icy," said driver Bryan Lachance.

VTrans officials say the game plan is to plow as much as possible until the ice begins to melt. Until then, officials urge drivers to proceed with caution.

"I mean just because the speed limit is 35 doesn't mean you need to do that. Or the speed limit is 65, you don't need to do that. You need to slow down for the conditions," said Lt. Kevin Geno of the Rutland City Police Department.

With temps not expected to rise soon officials encourage drivers to carry emergency road kits with jumper cables, flares, water and snacks.

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