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Air travelers left stranded in Vermont

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Burlington's airport is buzzing with activity, but for all the wrong reasons.

"We were due to fly out last Friday, but that flight was canceled due to bad weather in Chicago," Jock McLane said.

McLane and his wife were visiting Vermont for Christmas. They should have been home last week, but their rescheduled flight Monday was also canceled. Now, the McLeans are being told they can't catch a flight until Friday.

"Well, we were with relatives so we had a good time. We did some cross-country skiing and walked in the woods. It's not been awful, but it's been very frustrating because we have things back at home we were scheduled to do, but we haven't been able to be back there," McLane said.

Despite a sunny, warm day in Burlington, bad weather in other parts of the Northeast was to blame for the backups.

"Burlington is one of the spoke stations, so to speak. So when the hubs shut down, it affects the little spokes stations and everything going into those hubs. And they do shut the little planes down before they shut the big planes down," said Doug Wood of the Burlington International Airport.

Wood says several major airlines began canceling flights Monday morning to help catch up with the weather delays. Many travelers looking to get out of Burlington will be grounded for days.

"Today I was supposed to fly out and now there have been so many days I actually have to wait a week. So now my flight is on the 11th. So now I'm here for all in all, three weeks, when I was supposed to be here for one week. So it's been an adventure," Aimee Bosley said.

Bosley says not being able to fly back home to California isn't just an inconvenience, she could end up missing a week of work. And what is just as frustrating, she says, is getting through to the airline.

"It was difficult because they sent me an email that says my flight is canceled. But I'm used to, oh you've been rescheduled or you have a delay. This was just canceled," Bosley said. "And when you call on the phone they actually say, sorry due to high volume your call is being dropped. Goodbye."

There were concerns Monday's rain could turn the airport's runway into a sheet of ice. But airport officials say they were out all day sweeping the runway to make sure the pools of water dried out.

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