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Road salt running short in some towns

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"I've been in office for 25 years and I've seen winters that have been bad, but this one's been crazy," said Tom Scozzafava, the town of Moriah supervisor.

Scozzafava says the town hasn't exceeded the budget for keeping their roads free of ice; it's just a delay in the trucks delivering salt due to the high demand.

"We ordered our salt before Christmas and we are now just starting to receive," said Jamie Wilson, the highway superintendent in Moriah.

While waiting for the salt shipments to arrive, Moriah is using sand. According to town highway officials, sand is less effective than salt at removing ice on paved roads. Essex County borrowed some salt from New York State Department of Transportation.

"Nowhere near enough because they've got their own state highways to maintain. The salt usage just increased so dramatically because the change in the weather that we ran out, through no fault of the town or the highway superintendent or anyone else," Scozzafava said.

Wilson says it's not a question of if the salt will come, just when.

"They're just having difficulty getting the trucks for deliveries," Wilson said.

In Vermont, the town of Shoreham is almost out of its sand supply. Towns in Addison County rely on sand rather than salt because of the gravel roads.

"We have maybe one or two ice events in a winter. And we've had three in the last three weeks which has made it really difficult to keep up with our sand supply," said Jason Paquette, the road foreman in Shoreham.

The town of Shoreham has used more sand on the roads this winter than in the past two winters combined. The road foreman says that Shoreham isn't the only town in need of more sand.

"We're all kind of in the same boat as far as our sand supply, and most of us are using the same vendors. So, it makes it hard because it's not just us that's looking for sand; it's everybody," Paquette said.

Officials from VTrans say there aren't any statewide issues right now with supplying salt and sand, but shortages do occur and they will cut money from other parts of the budget to put toward salt and sand.

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