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Problems for property owners

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It's been a recurring issue for Dana Veronneau, water flooding his basement.

"Probably had over 8 to10 inches on the dirt side of the cellar, and 3 to 4 inches on this side. We've had to pump it out and mop it... dry mop it as well as wet and dry vacs," says Dana Veronneau of Burlington.

The Veronneau's basement has flooded twice already and have had to throw away many personal items due to the flood damage. They're doing what they can to combat the water.

"We've tried to sand bag the outside, cover the cellar ways. Build a wall of ice and snow between the front edge of the house and the street," says Veronneau.

He says nearly every house on the street is facing a similar issue. And the problems don't seem to be going away.

Flooding from burst pipes to water running off the ice into basements, Vermonters are cleaning up and bracing themselves for more water.

Jayson Argento, owner of Argento Laraine Fine Jewelry, said "when I came in the door, it sounded like a waterfall."

Jayson Argento came back to work after the holidays last week, to find his business under water. Argento's jewelry store flooded after a water pipe froze and burst due to the frigid weather.

"It's been 5 or 6 days now and we're just sort of rebuilding. It used to be really peaceful and wonderful in here, it will be again," says Argento.

Almost 3 inches of water flowed through Argento's entire business. He hopes insurance will cover the damage.

"This pipe broke... frozen. And apparently it was running for 2 days like that," says Argento.

For Argento, he says he's installing a "water security system" for when the next pipe bursts.

"Now I'm going to get something so it tells me the temperature of the building. It can tell if waters running, you can get all this equipment that's really not that expensive," says Argento.

Expensive for businesses and home owners dealing with the wrath of Mother Nature.

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