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Orange Owl skin care products

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It looks like a mix of a chemistry lab and a kitchen, and it is where Akshata Nayak whips up products for her all natural skin care line -- The Orange Owl.

"It's the bright and wise choice," Nayak said. Nayak moved to the U.S. from India ten years ago. She made the move to get her masters in Biochemistry. Once she finished that she got a masters in clinical nutrition.

Reporter Gina Bullard: Did you ever think you'd be making all natural body products?

Akshata Nayak: Definitely not. Since a young age I decided I was going to be a lab rat.

And it was in a lab that Nayak discovered something startling. "It was interesting -- the chemicals I would use in my lab were found in skin care products," she said. She couldn't imagine using those chemicals on her body, so she started making her own -- with all food grade natural products and no chemicals.  "They work with your body rather than against it," she said.

That was two years ago -- now The Orange Owl ships out hundreds of products a month all around the East Coast -- and to Chicago and California. It's not enough to quit her day job as a nutritionist just yet. "It's an extension of my core belief that for your overall health you are what you put in and on your body," Nayak said.

She makes everything from soaps and bath salts to lip balms and body scrubs.  Most cost $11.

Nayak says her products stand out against the competition because she's uses her chemistry background to come up with unique formulas and scents, like  Summer Sorbet sugar body scrub -- which moisturizes with less oil than other scrubs.

Reporter Gina Bullard: What does this do for your skin?

Akshata Nayak: It exfoliates any dead cells that you can't tell.

If you're still not moisturized enough after the scrub, Nayak makes a body butter to top it all off.

Akshata Nayak: People say it looks like frosting -- smells like frosting.

Reporter Gina Bullard: Tastes like frosting?

Akshata Nayak: Yes, so it's lemon-lime and grapefruit.

It's made with mango butter instead of shea -- which many body butters use. Nayak says mango butter is better for people who have nut allergies.  "It might feel a little oily for a few seconds but let it sit and it will go away.

A former lab rat -- mixing up formulas for her natural Made in Vermont skin products.

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