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Historic NH inn cleans up from burst pipes

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Cleaners, contractors and electricians are just beginning their work at the Thayers Inn in Littleton after disaster struck. "We were really shaken by the whole experience, but it's an old building. It has been here since 1843 and it is still going to be here.  It is not going anywhere," said Inn Manager Harry Almeida.

But it is need of serious repairs.  Friday afternoon a water pipe burst in the attic of the 39 room hotel.  In a matter of minutes water flooded the Inn and attached restaurant named Bailiwicks.   Ten guests were staying there at the time.   Six of the rooms will be closed for a while and damage is easy to see throughout the building -- ceilings collapsed, floors stained and warped and furniture ruined.  A lot of the electrical wiring will also need to be replaced.  "It was like if we had a fire hydrant on the top of the building -- just gushing water," Almeida said.

Fire officials estimate 500 gallons of water were flowing through the building every single minute it was on -- which was ten to fifteen minutes.  So, if you do the math it's easy to understand why the damage is so extensive.

"It was a rushing river of water coming down their staircase," said Bailiwicks Owner Stacey Northrop. And the water kept flowing downward into Bailwick's bar.  Damage there is the greatest.  Not to mention all the inventory that needs to be thrown out."It was in between lunch and dinner so we only had three customers in here that had to be evacuated out of the building, but we has a full staff," Northrop said.

The restaurant portion of the building will likely be closed for several weeks.  But, the Northrop is happy no one was hurt, saying it could have been much worse.  
"There's a lot of silver linings, and we are going to rebuild and we will be better and it will be nice and shiny and everyone will have a grand re-opening," she said.

As for the Inn, it's booked for weddings for the next two weekends.  Employees say they will be working as fast as they can to make sure at least part of the historic building is ready. "It's on the national registry of historical sites since 1983, so we will be back," Almeida said.

Bouncing back after a big blow to one of Littleton's most well known establishments.

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