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New Yorkers adjust to new gun law

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Mary Vann is the owner of Vann's Guns and Reloads in Plattsburgh. She says the SAFE Act goes against constitutional rights to bear arms.  "I wish it would go away. I really do," she said.

The SAFE Act is Governor Cuomo's response to the Sandy Hook school shooting. It has a number of provisions, including banning high-capacity magazines, the registry of assault weapons, requiring background checks for all gun sales and increased sentences for gun crimes. It has also sparked controversy whether the law is too strict, or just right.

"I would agree that there would have to be a background check for anybody who buys ammunition," said Cyle Jersey of Plattsburgh.

Some New Yorkers believe lawmakers have good intentions, but think the SAFE Act is not practical. "If you think guns kill people then spoons make people fat, cars drive drunk, and pencils misspell words... best way I can put it," said Stockton Pike of Plattsburgh.

New provisions under the SAFE act that went into effect in January now include ammunition sales.

  •    All sellers of ammunition must register with State Police
  •    All ammunitions sales need to take place face-to-face
  •    Mandatory background checks for those purchasing ammunition

Vann is concerned the provisions will negatively impact her business. "I would imagine sales in ammo will decrease because it's time consuming. You can't
be taking care of a customer selling a gun and also doing a background check to sell a $3 box of 22s," she said.

While gun and ammunition dealers in New York feel the SAFE Act may be too restrictive on their business, some say the law is worth the cost of the inconvenience. "Buy a gun at a yard sale. The person selling would never know who they're selling it to, but that background check would help keep the safety of everyone in the area," Jersey said.

There is not yet a system in place for ammunition background checks. It is under construction by New York State Police and there is no word on when it will be put into effect. Until then dealers like Vann won't have to actually do a background check for ammo sales.

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