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Slopeside with Nick Borelli: Middlebury Snow Bowl

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"Oh, it's my favorite sport in the whole world," said Middlebury College senior Emily Cavanaugh.
Skiing is Cavanagh's true passion. "It's super close to school -- 25 minutes -- so I love to come here," she said.

With 17 trails, the Middlebury College Snow Bowl isn't the biggest mountain in the area, but skiers like Cavanagh say there's something special about it. "I love that it's a little kind of homey mountain. I love that a lot of locals are able to come here. There's lots of kids around which, I really love," she said.

This season the crew at the Snow Bowl has been working hard to weather Mother Nature's ups and downs. Temperature swings and whipping winds are creating variable snow surfaces -- some spots are soft, while others are icy.

"Snow conditions today are actually pretty darn good. There are still some icy spots on the steeper pitches," said Nik Faber of Vergennes.

"The snow conditions are not great -- It's pretty hard," Cavanagh said.

Regardless, folks are still out making the most of it. They made it out just in time before another cold snap.

We've seen our fair share of cold weather this season. In fact, these snowflakes are associated with an arctic front that's going to be moving through Monday afternoon, and another cold bout of weather will be with us for Tuesday. If you still wanna brave the mountain we spoke with some folks who say there are a few things you can do.

"It's very important to dress in layers and by layering, use synthetic materials, don't use cotton. And then you can add and take off clothing as necessary," said Middlebury Snow Bowl's Steve Paquette.

Paquette is part of the ski patrol at the snow bowl. He says if you're skiing in cold weather you should avoid having exposed skin. Also, remember to stay hydrated and eat. This will provide the body with the energy it needs to stay warm.

Even with these precautions, it's possible to get frostbite. "It can turn white -- the tips of your nose, cheeks, earlobes --That's where it's gonna start," Paquette said.

If this happens, go inside and warm up quickly. On the way down the mountain keep the cold part of your skin covered, but don't rub it, as this can damage your skin.

The cold weather is also challenging for snow schools. The Middlebury College Snow Bowl takes a few measures to keep outdoor enthusiasts warm. "We have extra neck-ups for when it's really cold. We have extra goggles for people that might have left those behind. We have extra mittens," said Snow School Director Susan Davis.

In addition, instructors try to keep skiers in wind-sheltered areas and keep the heart rate elevated for circulation. These measures are taken to keep people safe and having a good time on the mountain.

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