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Study: Kids getting more caffeine than most think

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Almost 75 percent of children have caffeine every day, according to a new study from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
"About three out of 4 children do report consuming some caffeine on any given day and that has not changed over time," said Dr. Amy Branum, a health statistician with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and the studies author. We were surprised to learn how much coffee and energy drinks were contributing.
Experts say that's concerning because coffee and energy drinks can contain much higher amounts of caffeine than soda and iced tea. For example, a six ounce cup of coffee has twice the amount of caffeine as a can of soda.
Research shows older kids and teens get most of their caffeine from soda. For children up to age 5, tea is most common then soda.
The American Academy of Pediatrics says caffeine has no place in a child's diet because it's a mild stimulant and can be potentially harmful.
"In kids, caffeine can have significant physical and emotional side effects. It can cause anxiety, panic attacks -- their heart rate can increase, arrhythmias,  high blood pressure," said Dr. Elissa Rubin with Happy & Healthy Pediatrics.  "Hyperactivity is a big part of it."
Diana Seglin has warned her 13 year old son about energy drinks. "Like that they're not good for you. They are potentially dangerous if you drink too much," she said.
As for the Seglin's 4 year old son Michael, his parents haven't let him touch soda yet.  

Bigad Shaban - CBS News

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