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Sunday Science: Milton Middle School Science Fair

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Whether you're a kid or a parent, chances are you've either done or helped someone do a science fair project.

And Wednesday, the gym and hallway were full of projects from the sixth, seventh, and eighth graders at Milton Middle School for their Science Fair. Hundreds of kids participated, trying to answer a scientific question with some experiments at home. And they certainly had a variety of interesting topics.

In one, the student boiled down energy drinks until all that was left was the non-water components. It's kind-of gross to look at but it really gives you an idea of what's in those drinks that isn't water.

Ashley Smith looked at how the percentage of milk in the cheese affects the weight of the cheese. We think that's "whey" cool indeed Ashley!

Trent Cross put melon inside a different helmets equipped with sensors and then tested which helmet materials protected the melon better when it was hit by a mallet.

Kiersten Langdeau and Iliana Izanguirre tested whether plants could live on the moon. They looked at how a specific plant fared in closed ecosystems.

Zachary Hayes looked at how heat affects the ripening of bananas. He put one near a heat lamp, one on the counter, and one in the freezer. Now he knows exactly what to do to ripen them. If you're wondering, he says room temperature is perfect.

Some of the other interesting projects: one looked at how different types of music affect your heart rate, another student compared bactiera growth at her home versus her school, and another tested how Mountain Dew affects plant growth -- as you can imagine, that one didn't end too well for the plant.

The best projects in the state will go head-to-head on March 29 at Norwich University for the 2014 Vermont State Science and Math Fair.

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