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Vermont's other syrups

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At Vermont's roots is maple syrup, but Linda Fox is making the state's other syrup for her business Sumptuous Syrups of Vermont. She creates five flavored syrups that can be used in everything from cocktails to cooking. None have maple, but all of the ingredients, like ginger and basil, come from small farms and get processed at the Hardwick Food Venture Center.

"Whether it's from next door or the ginger from Peru, we know how it's grown. They don't cut down trees in the rain forest," Fox said.

The syrups are highly concentrated so they're packed with flavor.

"There's no way to make a higher quality syrup than what we do," Fox said.

Fox came up with the idea after a bartender friend of hers-- Don-- was trying to concoct a locally infused drink during the winter.

"I went to my freezer pulled out some berries and made a syrup for him to play with," Fox explained.

He loved it and started using it at the bar where he worked. People were toasting to the product, so the two partnered up to create Sumptuous Syrups.

Reporter Gina Bullard: You often hear about farm-to-plate, farm-to-table.

Linda Fox: We're farm-to-bar.

So what can you mix up with these syrups? Since Fox slipped and fell before our interview, no mixing cocktails for her. So, I'll play bartender for the day. Let's start with bourbon and Yellow Ginger syrup. Simple. It doesn't have to be a night cap. The syrup concoctions can be kid-friendly-- just skip the booze.

Just a teaspoon of black currant or any of the syrups packs a big punch in any drink, even water.

Gina Bullard: You can really taste the currants.

Linda Fox: That's nine calories a half a teaspoon.

Gina Bullard: Nine calories!

Add the Sumptuous chocolate mole to coffee and you have a drink that will warm up any morning.

Made in Vermont syrups-- I'll drink to that.

Sumptuous Syrups of Vermont -- https://www.sumptuoussyrups.com/

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