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This greenhouse is so cool, everything looks so alien here and spikey. It's the Fitzpatrick Greenhouse at the Berkshire Botantical Garden. And it has a great display of succulent plants. Now these are the type of plants that, in the middle of winter when you are looking for something that will be growing green in your house, you might want to try some of these.

It's not just regular old cactus.

These do really well, especially if you have a real sunny window. The best types and most varied, are the agaves. You can see the agaves have beautiful leaf shapes, nice color on the leaves, and they will often get a different color on the leaf edge if they get a lot of light.

Sometimes they even have warts growing on them. You have the blue agave which has a beautiful blue color to the leaves. You have the striated agave which has nice stripes to it, or the thread leaf agave which looks like little hairs coming off of it. If you get enough sun in doors, you can get them actually to flower, too! So you can have the flowers and the leaf forms on these agaves indoors.

Another group that's fun to grow as an indoor plant are crown of thorns or the Euphorbias. And the Euphorbia or the crown of thorns obviously has a lot of thorns on it. But this is a nice example, the Madagascar Crown of Thorns, that doesn't have thorns. It looks much softer, much friendlier in the home and it's got nice red coloring right around the petiols of the leaves. 

If you are looking for something really unusual, this plant is unbelievable. This looks like it's covered in white chocolate! It's called Euphorbia "The Ghost." It's a little over the top. So any of these are great choices for a sunny window on a nice winter day!

by Charlie Nardozzi

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