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Welcome to Paris!

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"Bonjour, very good ..." said Duane Pierson, the Principal at Moretown School.

He'll be Captain Pierson today, welcoming students aboard their flight to France.

"There's your baggage tag," he says.

Their bags are tagged, piled up on a cart, and their tickets scanned just like at a real airport.

"Stamp passport ... you're in seat 9a Ella," said Librarian Meg Allison.

Meg and another teacher Pam Dow were awarded a Global Teacher Fellowship and traveled to France and Italy last summer to study fairy tales.  

"We were brainstorming when we got back from our trip how to bring that experience alive for our students and we thought let's just actually recreate it. Let's give them the experience of flying on a plane and going to France," said Allison.  

"The use of electronic devices is not prohibited during takeoff and landing," Allison says.

The instructions are given in English and French and then, they're off to Paris! Pretzels are served as wind machines and the sound of a plane make it as real as you can get without leaving the ground!

And then-- it's welcome to Paris, France!

They're given tickets for the train.

All 129 students, from pre-K up to sixth grade take French twice a week. They spent the last few weeks incorporating lessons on France into their learning. The art classes helped recreate the Louvre, where the kids gave their best Mona Lisa smile.  

"Right now we are in the Arc de Triomphe, do you know what that is? It's a monument," said second-grader Josh McHugh.

"Do you know what Paris is called? The city of lights," said first-grader Estella Chase Peterson.

"It just opens your eyes to the world and the idea that there is so much out there to see and do. And I guess for me, even that children are children and people are people wherever you go in the world bringing those connections back here to Moretown, Vermont, and letting them know that the world is out there to go and see and explore," said Dow.

Something they hope this day will inspire!

"Bonjour! Bonjour! Comment ca va? Bien."

It was easy to get caught up in this magical moment! For other teachers who may be wondering, the Global Teacher Fellowship is for teachers in rural areas. It allows you to design your own summer abroad as a way to inspire you. It clearly did in Moretown!

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