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Vt. calf makes a name for itself

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When you're a cow in Vermont, it's tough to make a name for yourself. Standing out doesn't come easy, but one calf is making its mark just a month after being born.

"I've been breeding the cows since 1979 and tracking the genetics and I've never seen anything like that," said Alburgh farmer, Jed Ladd. 

Ladd figures about 2,000 calves have been born here over the five generations his family has farmed in Alburgh.

"That's the first of its kind for us," said Ladd.

A first for a farmer who's used to seeing spots on cows, but this wasn't just any spot.

"My first notice was the complete outline of the white with black. Then took a few minutes and looked at it. I said, boy that looks like Vermont," said Ladd.

His daughter Meghan normally names the cows around here. Let's just say, this cow's special spot could not be ignored.

"It took me awhile actually because I really wanted to give her something really fitting and I asked everyone else and they thought something with Vermont would be fitting. So I just played with the word "Vermont" and came up with Monty," said Meghan.

Monty's not the first cow born with a unique head. There's also Reba! She's the only cow on the farm that has no spots on her head. She's a red head, which of course is why she's named after the country music star.

Speaking of stars, we wondered if all this attention would go to Monty's head.

"I don't know, maybe! They tend to get ornery when they're spoiled. Maybe it does go to their head," said Mary Ladd.

Mary runs J&M Ladd Farm with her brother. She says, she saw that unique spot right away!

"First impression was that it looks like the state of Vermont," said Mary.

"I'm glad to have a cow that's born in Vermont, has Vermont on it and I'm a proud Vermonter too," said Ladd.

With good reason, Monty's making her mark and putting this small Champlain Islands farm on the map.

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