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Controversy over Common Core in NY

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The new standard of keeping students across the county on an even playing field called the Common Core has many New Yorkers frustrated. They say the new material is too much too soon, and focuses too heavily on test taking.

"We know that many children don't test well, and that's not an accurate indication of what they know or don't know. And serious decisions are being made on the basis of these tests," said Doug Selwyn of the North Country Alliance for Public Education.

Almost every state in the nation adopted the Common Core Standards. The transition to Common Core in Vermont is experiencing far less controversy than New York, where it was introduced to schools three years ago.

"High school graduating seniors today across the country are not well prepared for post-secondary education, including college, but other kinds of post-secondary education as well, that lead to careers," said James Dawson of the New York State Board of Regents.

And so the Common Core was created. Many parents in New York's North Country are fighting back against the new policy.

"The first and immediate solution is to stop. The old cliché when you're in a hole stop digging," Selwyn said.

Some parents are so against the new system they will have their children refuse to take the state exams. Advocates of the Common Core say although some may not like the change, it's for the best.

"Our entire goal is for our young people to be successful in their pre- through 12 education and onward," Dawson said.

Teachers in Plattsburgh report students exposed to the Common Core last year are far better prepared for the curriculum this year.

"I do believe over time as we've had time to work on it and as students have had time to progress along, it will become easier and easier and I think then we'll see the benefits of it," said James Short, the superintendent of the Plattsburgh City School District.

The Common Core is off to a shaky start in New York. The whole system doesn't go into effect until 2022.

The North Country Alliance for Public Education is holding a public meeting at Plattsburgh State March 16 at 6:30 p.m. to discuss the Common Core and current testing at schools.

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