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At Issue: Burn Prevention

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Reporter: "What are some of the most common burn injuries that we see with kids coming into the hospital?"

Jim Esdon, Dartmouth Hitchcock Injury Prevention Center: "This time of year, the glass fronted fireplaces are particularly an issue if they go up and touch that. Heating inserts in a regular fireplace again can be a real problem. Burns on woodstoves are another issue."

He says to keep kids safe, you need a barrier around any heating source, like a radiator or stove. Toddlers learning to walk are in a potentially dangerous position; they're grabbing onto things to keep themselves from falling, but their reflexes to let go aren't there yet.

"It's hard for them to let go, once they've grabbed onto something it's hard for them to let go, and even though they can feel the pain and it hurts, they might still continue to do it and they burn skin," he says.

And the best advice for parents might be to get down at their child's level and look from their perspective.

Reporter: "What are the things they really need to focus on in the house?"

Edson: "Getting down at eye level and identifying all the things that might be attractive nusiances for kids. If they're using alternative heating sources, make sure that they're checking under that. The other thing that isn't thought of a lot is if they have a baseboard radiator system, they need to get down at eye level and check under there because there are other hazards besides the heat. There might be a marble stuck under there, there might be a piece of dog food, something that the child can choke on."

A couple more things Edson says parents should focus on:

In the kitchen, create a 3-foot boundary away from the stove with something like masking tape or duct tape -- something visible so they'll know it's there, but flat enough that it won't be a trip hazard. And turn in the handles on pots and pans.

Also, keep an eye on any candles in the house and make sure kids stay away from hot jars or hot wax.

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