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Cuomo's plan to reduce property taxes in NY

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Gov. Andrew Cuomo, D-New York, wants to reduce property taxes in New York, but this plan is meeting some backlash. While Cuomo says his plan is supported by many local officials, others say the plan needs work.

New York State has a reputation for high taxes and some people flee the state because of it.

"We want to reverse a lot of these trends. We want people to move back to upstate New York. We have to tackle this problem," said Cuomo.

Cuomo's solution of lowering taxes in New York is campaigning governments around the state to consolidate.

"Try to get communities to take a hard look at consolidations, shared services, arrangements that will bring about a reduction in their costs," said Martin Mannix of the Clinton County Democratic Committee.

And as a reward, Cuomo offers relief on that area's property taxes. 

"All communities need to be doing that," said Mannix.

But the Senate wants changes made to the legislation before passing it. In order to qualify for the tax relief, local governments need to stay under a spending cap while consolidating services at the same time.

"To get under the 3 percent of our budget, we couldn't do it in that timely fashion," said Sam Dyer, chair of the Clinton County Legislature.

Critics of Cuomo's plan say that it would save property owners very little money, and they would barely notice a tax cut. Some say there are better ways to relieve property taxes in New York State.

"If the governor would take a billion dollars out of Medicaid relief that would save Clinton County taxpayers about 27 percent of their tax bill. So that would be a much bigger form of tax relief," said Dyer.

Cuomo argues the answer is not cutting money in health care for those who need it.

"It hasn't been easy for families across the state to tighten their belts either. The answer can't always be more money, more money, more money," said Cuomo.

Cuomo is expected to come back with a revised plan in hopes of reducing taxes in New York by April 1.

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