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Destination Recreation: Stowe Snowmobiling

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STOWE, Vt. -

At Snowmobile Vermont in Stowe, when the big snowfall hit earlier this month, the phones started to light up.

"The snow really helped out a lot. We had a green season when we started, and when the snow came -- Mother Nature really took care of us," says owner John Lynds.

Vermonters and visitors who don't want to hike up mountains in the winter -- or ski or ride down them -- often turn to snowmobiling to enjoy the wintry wonderland.

"They just are amazed at what they're seeing out there. We're going to places you usually can't get to. It would take forever to walk to these places, and we can get to them pretty quickly," Lynds says.

We asked their guides to take us around their favorite gems in the Stowe backcountry. We started out on Route 100 and then came to a fork. Both trails will get you to the same spots, but they're a bit different. Beginners can continue along the main trail, which is longer and smoother, but for more experienced riders, Route 100B offers a better view.

"You just get different angles from the side of the mountain, and there's not as much tree cover blocking the view because of the fact that you're climbing the side of the mountain instead of just going around the backside of it," says Snowmobile Vermont guide Patrick Underwood.

We took 100B, climbing up Ricker Mountain. At the turnout, we could look across and see the Worcester Range.

"You can usually see the peaks of all the mountains that are over there," Underwood says.

These trails are part of the VAST network, so anyone with a snowmobile and the appropriate passes can ride here, or you can book a tour. Our guides told us people love to watch the trees flying by, and often families ask to stop for photos.

"They really like the snow hanging in the evergreen boughs," he says. "I've had people tell me that it's better than a Christmas card that they had done at Sears and they paid $200 for the sitting fee."

Because out on the trails with this coating of new snow, it still feels like the holidays, even in late March.

Reporter: "It's not even close to Christmas anymore and it still feels like Christmas out here."

Underwood: "Well, the wet snow like this is pretty close to what you'd see around Christmastime in December anyway."

Reporter: "So we're getting a second round of Christmas?"

Underwood: "Don't tell my kids that."

Taking advantage of a late-season snowfall that was a gift for snowmobilers.

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