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Huntington smithy makes ironwork built to last

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In the shadows of Camel's Hump in Huntington, there's a barn lighting things up. Welcome to Huntington River Smithy, where Jim Fecteau creates custom ironwork.

"I love blacksmithing. It's very intuitive and it just flows out of me," Fecteau said.

He makes a variety of hand-forged metalwork, from door hardware and fireplace screens to candle holders and light fixtures. Fecteau says many of the pieces have an industrial turn-of-the-century feel. "It's mostly my style," Fecteau said.

Fecteau started the business 14 years ago. This passion started after he saw a blacksmith at a fair. "I saw that and said, God, I gotta do that, so I totally fell in love with it; totally fell in love with it," he said.

So he volunteered to help that blacksmith at the fair, and met others and learned from them.

It's dangerous work. The metal is best to work with at around 2,400-degrees. There's about a 30-second window to work with the material.

Reporter Gina Bullard: Have you ever burned yourself?

Jim Fecteau: Burn myself all the time... play with fire get burned.

The tools he uses are older than he is. "They're meant to last, and they have lasted all these years," Fecteau said.

And so will his pieces. Fecteau says they may be pricey to some people -- an average light fixture costs  $1,000 -- but they take energy and time to perfect.

Reporter Gina Bullard: Is this it for you?

Jim Fecteau: This is it. I found it. This is where I'm staying for the rest of my life.

Creating Made in Vermont ironwork -- built to last. "Meant to last a lifetime -- and then some," Fecteau added.

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