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Castleton Police investigate dognapping

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Everyday when Frank Jones gets home from work, he's greeted by his 3-year-old Belgian Shepherd, Bruin. "He doesn't go more than 2 or 3 feet from me all the time, you know," Jones said.

But when he came home Thursday morning, Bruin wasn't tied up outside where he had left him. "I came home about 10 o'clock and I was looking for him and he was gone. He's always there to meet me when I come to the house," Jones said.

The electric fence used to keep Bruin close to home wasn't working -- the family dog had escaped. "There was a young kid there and he said he saw the dog there at the entrance of the trailer park. I looked all around the trailer park; I couldn't find him any place," Jones said.

The next day, police say the Jones' got a call -- a man saying he had the dog, and demanded $200 for Bruin's safe return, or else he would kill him.

"I told him -- I said, 'I don't have 200 dollars.' He says, 'How much could you come up with?' I said, 'I can come up with the fact that you should return the dog,'" Jones said.

That's when Jones called the police. "In this day and age of people stealing money or tangible items for various purposes anything's at risk, and you should be cognizant of whose around your property," said Castleton Police Officer Michael Hoffman.

After two days of not knowing where Bruin was or how he was doing, Jones and his wife got a knock on the door -- a man saying he had seen Bruin by the trailer park. He jumped in his car and went to find his dog. "He says he's over there in the driveway, so I went over in the driveway and called Bruin, and of course he come running and got in my car," Jones said.

Bruin and his owner were reunited Saturday. Since then the dog hasn't left Jones' side. "I think he's happy to be back, as you can see," he said.

Jones says from now on nothing will come between him and his best friend -- not even a thief.

Police say the thief got Jones' number from a sign he posted outside advertising a trailer for sale. They are still searching for the suspect -- and reminding folks to keep an eye on their pets.

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